Find Church of Christ within United States

Church of Christ identity, existence and purpose is similar just like an organization found in Jesus Christ. Each and every church has their own local significance and importance in society, community but the main purpose is “Always bringing the light of Christ into communities with strong emphasis”.

We are proud to be part of the United States community with great listing of Church in U. S.

Church of Christ is a group of Christian church that always actively participates in Christian community and they are strongly presence from thousands of lives each year. Baptist Churches can be found everywhere in the world. Baptists are strong believers in the family. The church is not a big building or place, it rather than believers in the family, committed to Christ. Within United States also an increasing number of Baptist. Every one appoints their own leader, minister with preaching responsibility.  1800churches provides a great listing of Baptist churches these local churches are self governing and self supporting.

The principle of Baptist is: – Immensity in water into the name of father, son and the holy spirit of Jesus who died due to buried and rose again in third day.

Basic responsibility for every disciple to bear personal witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to take surely part in the evangelization of the world.


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