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A Better Place to find Baptist Churches

baptist churchesWelcome to the top church finder website 1800churches, we as a church locator helping people throughout the world to find church near. Are you looking Baptist Church in America you are at the right place , we have 283000 churches listings and may be more because now each day we are getting good number of membership each and everyday. Search Baptist Churches in America and get the Church type, address, contact details, Sunday program and the church community availability with special Sunday program.

Baptist Church Believe – We believe in the American Baptists exists as a part of Christ’s Church.

We are Baptist so we do not believe in summary of doctrines and practices that ruled our life together. We believe in the creator of universe supreme power God. We believe in our Church. The place where we can worship, and show love and our commitment to God.

Get wide Information if a question instantly popup on your mind that How do I find a Church.


How do I Find Catholic Church in the United States

catholic churchThe Catholic Church in the United States is in progressive form, the status of Catholic Church before 40 year in United States and now in present dramatic changes has taken place. How do I Find Catholic Church in the United States? It is very easy just register on church website it’s free and register yourself with favorite church.

Evaluating American Influence, this is true that the structure and hierarchy remains still unchanged but for whatever reason the number and status of laity, religious and clergy in the mystical body of Christ. Now days there are 67 Millions of Catholics in the United States and these are the face of 1.1 billion people. Actual figure may be more than this too.

The United State alone has more priests than the top Catholic nation like Mexico, Philippines and Brazil. People are always searching their favorite church while either they are living inside the America or any other country. This attract them to search through church website and 1800 churches is playing a very god role with their more online visibility and presence of all type of church directory listed with website.

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Find Church of Christ within United States

Church of Christ identity, existence and purpose is similar just like an organization found in Jesus Christ. Each and every church has their own local significance and importance in society, community but the main purpose is “Always bringing the light of Christ into communities with strong emphasis”.

We are proud to be part of the United States community with great listing of Church in U. S.

Church of Christ is a group of Christian church that always actively participates in Christian community and they are strongly presence from thousands of lives each year. Baptist Churches can be found everywhere in the world. Baptists are strong believers in the family. The church is not a big building or place, it rather than believers in the family, committed to Christ. Within United States also an increasing number of Baptist. Every one appoints their own leader, minister with preaching responsibility.  1800churches provides a great listing of Baptist churches these local churches are self governing and self supporting.

The principle of Baptist is: – Immensity in water into the name of father, son and the holy spirit of Jesus who died due to buried and rose again in third day.

Basic responsibility for every disciple to bear personal witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to take surely part in the evangelization of the world.

How to Find a Church

Church WebsiteFinding a church is a time consuming and difficult experience, it generally takes lots of patience. It is much more important if you are moving in a new community. In general what will you do you will visit 1 or 2 church and then leave for few months may be more than that. 1800churches provides the better option for you with church listing with contact information, mail id, and address.

How do I find a church?  Are you also suffering from this? Always keep in mind while searching a right church for you.

There are many denominations like Baptist, catholic, Methodist and many more as for example if you are searching for Baptist Church just adds Baptist before location.

It’s also important that what is your belief and what churches you are going to join.

First as from yourself that what type of structure you like catholic and orthodox Christianity have formal services and Protestant, nondenominational churches have informal worship type services.

If you want to join a church where you can connect with other Christian believers through church and ministry-

  • Think before join that size is your matter of choice or not.
  • What type of dresses they allow and you are comfortable or not.
  • Do very easy and important things just call and ask any information you want to know before joining.
  • You can visit church website like 1800churches, to know more.
  • And the last thing must visit 2 to 3 times a church before making any decisions.

Baptist Churches – Help me find a Church?

baptist churchesBaptists are Christians who comprise a group of denominations, churches that subscribe to a doctrine that baptism should be performed only for professing believers, and it must be done by immersion as opposed to effusion or sprinkling. Baptist churches includes soul competency, salvation through faith alone as the rule of faith and practice and the autonomy of the local congregation. Baptists recognize two ministerial offices, pastors and deacons. Baptist Churches are widely considered protestant churches through some Baptists disavow of identity.

Baptist churches in North America also vary greatly by congregation, depending on how contemporary or conservative its members can be. These churches also vary from “Mega” church style with thousands of members to small, community, centered churches. The denomination is significant in numbers; in 2002 studies showed that there were over 100 million Baptist and 33 million baptist group members.

With so many options available with the user the main question arises is how do I find a church? The answer to this question is to visit 1800churches.com, be connected with their representatives by calling on-1-855-633-9643, and tell them your specification and they will help you find the church or the other way is to consult their extensive directory, which is readily available to all the visitors, and find a church without any hassle. The question of How do I find a church is quickly solved with help of 1800churches.com

Community Church – One of the Many Churches in the World

Community ChurchesThe community churches have existed in the United States since the early nineteenth century. Community Churches began to understand themselves as post protestant and post denominational. The small communities did not always have the population or funds to sustain churches of all Christian denominations so, to pool funds they would cross-denominational lines and pool their resources to support a single church.

The community church movement aims to bring together and support local community churches. One of the first organized efforts to unite the community churches of America began in the early 1920s. The origin of the movement began in America and it was both out of a need rather than out of ideological motivation. Whereas, the community church movement is an ecumenical movement that seeks to unite Christian denominations and break down Christian division through community. If you have some questions on your mind that how do I find a church then 1800churches is a website from where you can easily get information about baptist churches in a moment.

With “1800churches”, church website you can search about non denominational churches and also get information on various churches located in any part of the world or to be precise in any corner and any category of church can be found at this website. The website helps in finding the church present at various locations of the world with minimum information like address, zip code or possibly denomination and easily the information is accessed and the location of the church is tracked.